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If you are on the road to living a conscious lifestyle you’ll want to surround yourself with inspiration. An amazing way to do this is via this website and my blogs. Following ethical fashion blogs is a good idea if you're looking to discover sustainable living tips, tips on living with a minimalist approach, ethical style, eco friendly brands, learn more about climate change, or just learn about conscious living from somebody who is already practicing this. As a sustainable fashion blogger I am sure to leave you feeling inspired to begin your sustainable fashion journey.


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I collect all the information around 'sustainable clothing', and in combination with the experiences I gain while designing and making natural clothing for New Angels, I write blogs about it. You will find a complete overview here, all together on one website. Easy to read, and with links to the clothing websites and unique discount codes.


The fashion industry is quite polluting and unfortunately exploitation still takes place. I believe in a better world and hope to inspire you with my blogs for fair and sustainable fashion. There are so many beautiful alternatives in fashion land, sustainable is really not boring and you even save with it.. With creative ideas and tips, your wardrobe becomes more sustainable almost automatically. And that's a good thing, because... there is no planet B.

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Urban Medley - handgemaakte sjaals & kimono's

Maak kennis met Urban Medley! Urban Medley, gevestigd in Nederland en fair made in India, is een prachtig duurzaam merk dat een eigen blog op onze website verdient. Urban Medley zet zich in om traditionele ambachten in stand te houden. Een ethische collectie in modern design, levendige kleuren en natuurlijke materialen volgens oude ambachten. Handgemaakte all-season sjaals, kimono's en omslagdoeken gemaakt met respect voor mens en planeet.

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The impact of cotton

Cotton may be a natural, vegetable product, it is also one of the most water-consuming crops in the world. Cotton has an enormous impact on the earth. The production of 1 pair of jeans requires 7,000 to 15,000 liters of water. This is as much as 40 years of drinking water for 1 person. Cotton is a thirsty crop. As a result, there is limited availability of good drinking water for the people.

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New Angels natural clothing

In addition to blogging about the ups and downs of the sustainable clothing world, I would also like to introduce you to the best sustainable clothing brands (mostly Dutch). They put their heart and soul into making the world a better place, and they deserve that little bit of extra support and promotion on this blog website.

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What does fairtrade mean?

Fairtrade means fair trade or fair exchange. Fairtrade clothing, but mainly Fairtrade food, is produced fairly and responsibly. It is a term used for developing countries, where the makers of Fairtrade clothing receive a fair price for their work. When the cotton farmers and growers get a fair price, the whole society benefits. They can develop further and live less in poverty.

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6 Tips for sustainable shopping

Sustainable shopping is quite fun once you realize what to look out for. Clothing that lasts a long time, remains beautiful after many washes, and is also well put together (fair production, fair clothing brand). It's just really nice if your purchases are really good and it makes you really happy.

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