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New Angels natural clothing

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In addition to blogging about the ups and downs of the sustainable clothing world, I would also like to introduce you to the best sustainable clothing brands (mostly Dutch). They put their heart and soul into making the world a better place, and they deserve that little bit of extra support and promotion on this blog website.


I also own a sustainable clothing brand: New Angels. A small, local fashion brand in the Netherlands. I absolutely do not see other (often smaller) fashion brands as competitors, but rather as colleagues who also want to put sustainability on the map in this large and massive fashion industry. Together you get further, that's why I like to support them. The more known sustainable clothing becomes, the better for all of us, together we stand stronger. I would like to introduce you to my own clothing label New Angels Eco Fashion.

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Eco, fair and vegan fashion

New Angels is a fashion brand with a warm heart for nature. We only work with environmentally friendly fabrics, such as bamboo, hemp, tencel (lyocell), ramie, modal and organic cotton (with GOTS certificate). Only the best and purest fabrics are purchased. For example, we opt for 100% Tencel, 100% modal, 100% ramie and 100% hemp, and no mix with other fabrics. You often see a hemp t-shirt, and then it turns out that there is only 30% hemp in the fabric. Sometimes mixed with (organic) cotton, and unfortunately sometimes also with environmentally unfriendly polyester... And of course we don't want that as eco fashionistas ;) It was quite a search and luckily we found the perfect eco friendly fabrics! Our organic cotton, bamboo and a other type of modal fabric is 95-96% pure and contains 4-5% elastane, which is necessary for elasticity, otherwise the fabric loses its shape during wear. Econyl has been purchased for sustainable swimwear. Econyl is regenerated nylon. It is made entirely of ocean and landfill waste, such as industrial plastics, textile scraps from clothing manufacturers, old carpets and "ghost nets" from the sea. Econyl is the most sustainable option for swimwear, it really is a luxurious fabric with many benefits.


The fabrics are soft and all New Angels clothing is comfortable. The designs are suitable for both relaxing at home on the couch, as well as for a holiday or a night out. New Angels is a from top to bottom sustainable clothing brand. and is eco, fair & vegan. One With Nature. New Angels is a kind brand. Kind to the earth, kind to the people, kind to the animals and kind to you.

Animal friendly clothes

Animal friendliness is also very important, which is why New Angels is a 100% vegan label. We do not work with leather, wool, fur or silk. To show that things can be done differently, and also to continue to discover what the latest alternative options are. Such as accessories made of cork, a vegan leather. All garments feature a luxurious metal New Angels name tag (no leather or plastic). The washing labels have also been thought about. These are made of soft satin and there are no irritating labels anywhere on your neck. I always hate that myself, and cut them right out ;) The clothing cards, the tags, are made of recycled paper, and of course we have sustainable shipping boxes and a sustainable website.


New Angels are the New Angels who want to make the world just a little bit more beautiful. All items are ecological, fairly made, animal-friendly and completely vegan proof. Plastic-free and zero waste, better for now, better for our future.

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eco friendly clothing made by new angels eco fashion. the best dutch fashionbrand. sustainable clothing brand New Angels . What is the most sustainable type of clothing? What clothes are best for the environment? What are examples of sustainable fashion?

Sustainable clothing brand from the Netherlands

New Angels clothing is made locally in my own sewing workshop in North Holland. Organic clothing feels remarkably softer so it really is a win-win situation. Better for the world, better for you. New Angels works zero waste and we recycle in detail. All leftover fabric is saved and can be processed into, for example, small gifts and hair accessories such as a hair band or scrunchie. The fabrics are cut as favorably as possible to have as little cutting residue as possible. Sometimes a model is also adapted, so that more benefit can be obtained from the fabrics. Since 2021 everything is made in the Netherlands, so real local production for the women living in Holland;) New Angels is a transparent fashion brand, and I write blogs for the website to give you a look behind the scenes. The models are timeless and not sensitive to fashion trends, they remain in the New Angels collection, and we work with small editions. Sustainable through and through!

Custom clothing of a New Angels design

It was not originally the intention, but because more and more requests came in to adjust the New Angels designs slightly to the special size of the customer (such as size L at the top but size XL at the bottom of a dress), it was decided to make this a standard offer. You can have your New Angels clothing made entirely according to your own wishes. Do you want a dress a little longer? Or a size that is not on the website? Or would you prefer a sweater in a different color? It is now possible! Of course depending on the fabrics we have in stock at that time.


What you need to know about custom clothing:

* It takes about 2 weeks to make a piece of clothing, but can sometimes be faster.

* You provide us with the exact size and measurements you want.

* Any additional costs will be calculated based on your wishes.


Everything is done in close consultation, so that there is no vagueness for both of us and so that you will enjoy wearing your garment. Read more about tailor-made clothing here (in Dutch).

Ingrid de Haan, writer of blogs, owner of fashion label New Angels. Dutch designer. eco friendly clothing made by new angels eco fashion. dutch fashionbrand. hemp clothing. bamboo klothing. tencel and organic cotton clothes.  fashion for women. sustainabl

Ingrid de Haan - owner and designer of Dutch fashion brand New Angels

About me - the face behind New Angels

My name is Ingrid de Haan and I am the owner of the Dutch clothing brand New Angels. You can see my love for nature: the clothing is natural, organic, ecological and animal-friendly. I design everything myself and also make a large part of the collection in my home sewing workshop. 


I have always made a lot of clothes for my children and myself. My mother used to sew a lot, so it actually came naturally. Now I design and make clothes that I sell. It really is a dream come true to set up my own clothing brand, and now other women are walking around in 'my' clothing. Such fun!


It is very nice that my clothes are well received, because that's always exciting, will they like what I make? Especially if you make fashion designs that are not quite standard. It is precisely that uniqueness and slightly different clothing that makes New Angels stand out in the crowd.

Affordable sustainable clothing brand

New Angels currently only has clothing, but soon there will also be accessories such as bags and scarves, which are currently being worked on. Old jeans are collected as we speak, you can make so many beautiful things from old jeans, such as unique and sturdy bags. The 100% modal fabric is very suitable for scarves and hair accessories. A blog comes online regularly, giving you a look behind the scenes of New Angels. Check out the New Angels blogs (only in Dutch, for now)


New Angels makes affordable fashion for women. Fairly made and from the best eco friendly fabrics. Do you want to be the first to know about the new collections, and do you want to receive exclusive discount codes as a VIP? Sign up now for the New Angels newsletter. Deals like 'Black Friday' are also not very sustainable of course. New Angels does not do sales and discounts, because the prices are already as low as possible by default. We are happy to make an exception for our loyal newsletter reader, and reader of this blog. And no worries, the newsletters are definitely not weekly spam, but only a few times a year. And of course you can unsubscribe at any time.


for the readers of this blog there is a discount code available: DUURZAAM20 for a 20% discount on your New Angels purchase.

New Angels donates to the Sea First Foundation

With your purchase you also make others happy. New Angels donates to the Sea First Foundation, a Dutch wnternational working organization that is committed to the ocean and all marine life. I have described how this came about in this blog about Sea First. If you also want to support them, you can easily do so by making a donation or purchasing one of the homemade jewelry (looks great with your New Angels outfit or Econyl bikini). Take a look at the Sea First website “Sea First educates to protect the ocean”

sustainable clothing brand New Angels . eco friendly clothing made by new angels eco fashion. dutch fashionbrand. Angel clothes. sustainable fashion brand for women. hemp fashion. bamboo clothing. tencel clothes. organic fashion. vegan clothes. the best c

Logo New Angels Eco Fashion

New Angels logo explained

A beautiful logo has been designed especially for New Angels. A logo with angel wings in the shape of leaves. We are the new angels, the people who want to make the world a better place. The leaves represent green, sustainable and plant-based.


A beautiful combination, and fitting for a sustainable clothing brand, and the name New Angels - Nieuwe Engelen. Take a look at the website I'd love to hear what you think.


Lots of love,


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